Nicholas Cranfield, Church Times 14 July 2017

one of the smallest works, … (no. 811), is a delicate intaglio gravure in Sunlit Cloister Gloucester Cathedral by Henry Hagger, a member of Camden Printmakers, whose work I had not spotted before. The technique subtly fuses time and depth of field. This could be an engraving by Rembrandt or a scuzzy memory of Dürer. …

And the highlights of my day?

Being asked how many angels there are (and for their names) by a lad who is clearly a budding theologian; being drawn into the silent cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral, undisturbed by the shade of Edward II, who is buried in the cathedral;

Nicholas Cranfield, ‘Summer Saunter with the RAs’,

Church Times, 14 July 2017

For Sunlit Cloister, Gloucester Cathedral by Henry Hagger, see.