Spanish Journey: Part II Sanlúcar Bodegas

On the left, is a page from my sketchbook. On the right, is the etching that I made from it – one of a number that I made of the bodegas in the Sherry Triangle.

Hidalgo bodega 1 72
Argüeso Bodega ‘San Leone’ (etching) ©Henry Hagger
Argueso bodega'San Leone' sketch 72dpi
Argüeso Bodega ‘San Leone’ (a sketch) ©Henry Hagger

Below are seven development stages of an etching of another bodega.

All bodegas are dark, all the windows are small and are covered with a woven straw mat. The idea is to keep out the light. The etching plate initially does not show this darkness. Proof no. 2 is shown with a blue tint (I mention this, just so you can work out the order). The remainder have been proofed in black ink.

After each proof is taken off the press, the plate is assessed and might receive further work before placing it back in the acid bath and inking up for the next proof.

This process continues – in this case, seven times – until the artist is satisfied with the result. Further proofs may be taken from the final ‘state’, to assess the result of using different inks and/or papers.

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Here is another page from my sketchbook 

Sanlucar bodegas sketch 72dpi
Sanlúcar, Spain ©Henry Hagger

and the hand-coloured etching which developed from it.

Sanlucar bodegas hand-coloured etching and aquatint 300dpi £220
Sanlúcar, Spain ©Henry Hagger

©Henry Hagger 2018

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