The Nuns from Jerez to Gloucester

The Nun and the Novice ©Henry Hagger

Walking past my local park one misty morning, I was struck by the beautiful shafts of light shining between the trees. It inspired me to use this effect in the Gloucester Cloisters print. I also wanted to include some figures, and what could be more appropriate than nuns.

I had made this print of a nun and a novice some years ago, after visiting Jerez on a commission. So, both the nuns and the atmospheric lighting in the image are pure artistic licence.

Another product of my Jerez visit was the soft-ground etching of Puente Nuevo de Ronda — one of a number of my prints of this famous viaduct in Ronda, Spain.

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All artwork ©Henry Hagger

©Henry Hagger 2018

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