Society of Artists in Architecture Autumn Exhibition

Society of Artists in Architecture Autumn Exhibition

held at the

Framers Gallery
36 Windmill Street,
London, W1T 2JT

15–25 November 2017

Here is a list of my works which were exhibited:

S. Giorgio Maggiore — hand-coloured lithograph

Before the World was Changed — acrylic

No Pub like an Old Pub (A Quiet Pint) — intaglio gravure

Puente Nuevo de Ronda — etching

Old New York — acrylic

Yellow Field I and Yellow Field II — colour etchings

The Cobb at Lyme — hand-coloured etching

Stowe Snow — photograph

Sanlucar Bodega — hand-coloured etching and aquatint

To view the works, see the Gallery.
All images on this website are copyright material.

Reproducing, copying or using them in any form, including electronic media, without the permission of the artist is an infringement of copyright.

All artwork ©Henry Hagger

©Henry Hagger 2018


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